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Equinox Mountain VT

Welcome to the Eastcoasthiker trail head. We are a family of hikers exploring the best hiking trails on the east coast. Our hometown is in the northeast section of Pennsylvania so that gets a little more of our attention. Our hikes are usually less than 8 miles and always have something worth seeing. Don’t be afraid to send us some hot spots, we are always looking for cool places to go.

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-You can see a list of hikes in a different format HERE

The mountains are calling and I must go. -John muir


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Fall is one of the best times of year to hike; The weather is cool, comfortable and the views are double awesome. I came up with a list of great places to see the leaves; It is a mix of long and short hikes, I also threw in a few places where you can catch a view from your car. It is difficult to plan a date and location where you can see foliage at its peak due to nature being erratic, so the less concrete your plans are the better. I booked some hotels in the north and south in hopes of have better luck than previous years. Here is a link that gives a general time table–General and Current conditions

Starting in the North:

New Hampshire– Mount Lafayette (8.8 miles) is a New England High Peak that is well above the tree line meaning 360 degree views of the great White Mountains. The trail is a tough 2-3 mile hike to the top but it is worth it. Make sure to check the weather as the conditions may prevent you from summiting.

Cardigan mountain near the Vermont border has a 1.5 mile trail to a fire tower, more 360 degree views

Vermont- Equinox Mountain has a road to the top or a tough 7 mile hike. Either way you win.

Mount Olga fire tower (1.9 miles) is a short hike and Killington Mountain (8 Miles) has a nice trail with an incredible view at the top.

IMG_5990 (3)

From Giant Mountain

New York– From Giant Mountain (8.5 miles) in the Adirondacks you will expect panoramic views of the Great Range and in the southern ADK a personal favorite is Crane mountain (4.8 miles) where the hike is fun and the views are outstanding.

One of my favorite views in Catskills is of the sea of trees that blankets the Hudson valley. One awesome way to get this view is from the top of Overlook mountain (4.9 miles); From here you can see the Hudson Valley from a cliff point and some high peaks from a fire tower.

Want a more challenging Catskill hike? The Blackhead range (8.2 miles) gives you three high peaks and views in all directions.

Connecticut- Mount Tom Tower (1.4 miles) is a cool stone tower with a nice view.

Pennsylvania- Big Pocono state park has awesome views from the parking lot and from the trails.

Check out mount Gillespie (4.2 miles) at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, you may have to travel to get there but consider spending a weekend in the town of Wellsboro and explore the area.

One more is Hawk Mountain (1.5-5.4 miles), this is a great hike with big views and big birds.

Virginia- Get on the scenic highway in Shenandoah National Park; The view while you are driving is an easy home run. The incredible vistas of Stony Man (2.9 miles) and Hawksbill (1.8 miles) are about a mile from the parking areas and can make many hikes longer if you like.

North Carolina-You have to see Max Patch. It is a very short hike that brings you to a bald hill that surrounds you with endless Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains.




  • Love the pictures of the kids-and all the pictures, and the narration is damn good!!!

  • Loring and family, you rock! Thanks for inspiring me and others with your motivation for life, wilderness, and awesomeness!

  • On the Pennsylvania Trail with Loring. Good job dude.

  • Always an awesome and interesting hike with ya buddy. You know the route (even when in doubt) and you’re very trustworthy! Can’t wait to hit the Adirondacks again.

  • Awesome page now I can find some great places to hike with the dog.

  • This is a great site. Not sure how I’ve over looked it the past year with all the research I do to find trails here. This is comparable to AllTrails.com but obviously more so for the great area we live in for Hiking. I’ve had trouble with AllTrails having the wrong location for trail heads and or entire trails misnamed and or misplaced. This is an excellent resource. Great Site!

    • everywherehiker@gmail.com

      Thanks LT, we put a lot work into this. I am working on more hikes all the time and will be releasing more by the time spring comes around. If you ever notice I have made a mistake please let me know, it is important to me that you guys get the right information. email us anytime for anything… everywherehiker@gmail.com

  • Lucas Pambianco

    I hiked Glen Onoko Falls last week and I must say that you were dead on with the description and the beauty of the hike. I’ve since been back 3 times in a week and the view of the valley from the top of the falls takes my breath away every time. Keep up the fantastic reviews!

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