Best East Coast Hikes of 2015

We hit 6 states and dozens of trails in the year of 2015. Every trail was good but some were incredible. Ny takes the majority of great hikes this year; It is no surpise with their gorges, Adirondack, and Catskill mountains.

Top 10 Hikes of the YEAR

10-Buttermilk Falls NJ– The tallest waterfall in NJ happens to be right next to a dirt road. A trail next to it takes you up a mountain and to the Appalachian trail. Awesome waterfall and great views. 7 Miles

9-The Haystacks in Pennsylvania- This short section on the Loyalsock Trail has you walk through a beautiful forest, past a waterfall, then to a unique rock formation. Best time to visit is while Loyalsock Creak is at its fullest. 5 Miles


Hawk Mountain

8-Hawk Mountain woot woot- Hawk migration season in central PA has these big birds flying right overhead. Great vistas of the valley below, boulder fields, and the nearby Appalachian trail make this an awesome place to flock to. 5.4 Miles

7.Katterskill Falls in the Catskills-This is the tallest two tear waterfall in NY. Mid-spring allowed us to walk easily up to the falls while the melting snow made for fast moving waterfall. Short hike/must see. 2 Miles

6-Hawksbill Mountain VA- The tallest mountain in the Shenandoah National Park has an incredible view of a massive valley. The summit is only 1.8 miles from the road and there is a ton of hikes surrounding it. VA is a great place to go in all seasons.

5-Ricketts Glen-The lineup of waterfalls at this state park will be hard to find anywhere else on the east coast. One after another and the tallest is a 90 footer. We went through during the dead of winter and the ice was awesome, crampons winter equipment required per park rules. 5.3 Miles

4-Killington-The trail to the second highest peak in VT is only 8 miles up and back, half way to the top it gets steep but it is worth it. You will travel both the Appalachian and Long Trail on your way to the top. We dodged a thunderstorm and caught some big views from the summit.

3-Crane Mountain– This hike in the southern Adirondacks is a ton of fun! Rock scrambles, slides, big views, and mountain top lake are all on this trail. We had to wait over an hour for the fog to lift while at the top but our patience paid off. 4.8 Miles

2-Overlook Mountain-It is not a long hike to this fire tower, but the view is incredible. A sea of trees below and the big Catskill mountains all around. This is a trip worth doing more than once in your life. 4.9 Miles

1-The lower great range, The Adirondack High Peaks-A 16 miler that took us across some of the tallest mountains in NY. I had been trying to get there for years and I was not disappointed by what I had found. Four high peaks with great views from each one. My next trip was planned within an hour of returning home.