Best East Coast Hikes 2016

Our best hikes on the East Coast 2016


10.The Buzzard Trail-I cannot say enough good stuff about the Virginia’s. The trails have been beautiful, well marked, and they have great views. This four mile hike gives you all of that plus some big rocks for the kids to climb around on. You can make this hike much longer if you like so study the map if that is something you are interested in.

9.The cliff trail– It was hard putting this one so high on the list when it is really an outstanding day trip. The parking area is also used for Raymondskill falls (0.5 miles) which is Pennsylvania’s Tallest Waterfall. Across the street from the parking area is the cliff trail (5.6 miles up and back) which will take you up high to see the Delaware river valley. This is a part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area and their is enough here to keep you busy for awhile.

The three towers

Hanging Rock Observatory

8.High Knob Fire Tower– (3 Miles) This West Virginia fire tower has a unique architecture and gives a great view of the George Washington National Forest. This trail is one of the busiest that I have ever been on so expect company.

7.Cardigan Fire Tower-(2.9 miles) I always thought this tower looks like a moon lander, partly because it sits on top of a desolate piece of granite rock. The treeless top gives a great 360 degree view of the White Mountains, and to the north you can see a few of the Presidentials.

6.Hanging Rock Observatory-(2.1 miles) This fire tower turned bird observatory sits on the rocky spine of a mountain surrounded by forests and valleys. We did not see a single bird while we were there but it was a cool place to sit and enjoy the view. West Virginia is very cool in case no one has ever told you.

5. North Point(5.9 miles) While at this Catskill State park you can hike, swim in North South Lake, and get an awesome lake front campsite. The infamous Escarmpent trail takes you along cliffs overlooking the Hudson Valley on your way to the top of North point; from the summit you will see a big panoramic view of the valley and some big Catskill Mountains.

4.Robert H. Treman State Park-(5.3 miles) New York’s Finger Lake region is known for its big lakes and Big Gorges. This cool hike takes you through one of these gorges where you can see rock formations and tall waterfalls. After the hike hit the swimming area that includes a waterfall and diving board, very cool. While you are in the area hit NY’s tallest water fall-Taughannock Falls and the famous Watkins Glenn which has more incredible gorges and waterfalls.

3.Max Patch(1.1 miles) Max Patch is on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee; it is well know by the Appalachian Trail “through hikers” for its open mountain top surrounded by Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains. In relation to the rest of the world it is in the middle of nowhere, but when we arrived we found a party of hikers playing Frisbee, football, and flying kites. It was an atmosphere of freedom, fun, and nature with a backdrop of some of the biggest mountains on the east coast.

The Greenleaf Hut from Mount Lafayette.

2.Blackhead Range-(8.2 miles) You do not have to hike all 3 mountains in this range but while you are up their you might as well knock them off of your list of New York Catskill High Peaks. Throughout the trail you will get great views of the areas largest mountains and an awesome views of the Hudson Valley.

1. Mount Lafayette and the Franconia Ridge loop-(8.8 miles) This place was easy to make number one on the list. The climb to the top was a work out, but you can take your time and enjoy the waterfalls on your way up. The top is above tree line which means the views are limited to how good your eye site is. The 1.4 mile traverse has only a moderate change in elevation and you will cross over three New England 4000 footers. Consider sleeping at the Green Leaf Hut that sits a little below Mount Lafayette.