East Coast Fire Towers

Welcome to the our list of east coast fire towers. Our map below shows the towers we have climbed from North Carolina to Maine; click on the red pins for more trail information. While most of the towers are climbable some are off limits, if something looks dangerous I recommend staying off. I do not advocate fence jumping or trespassing. These towers are awesome, help keep them awesome for everyone and LEAVE NO TRACE behind. I have a long list of lookout towers so keep checking back as I will be adding more towers until I have climbed them all. Read below for preservation efforts and other info that applies to east coast fire towers.




Many of the hundreds of fire towers that were spread throughout the eastern united states have been torn down or are in severe disrepair. Fortunately a handful of states and organizations recognize not only the architectural and historical importance, but also that if these towers are preserved and made available that tourists will travel from from all over to see the incredible view from the trees above. My goal for this page is to #1 help guide you to these towers, and #2 help pull together the preservation community to save all remaining towers. Every day these towers come one step closer to being irreparable and we have to work together to stop that from happening.