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Eastcoasthiker.com and Nepahiker.com tries hard to make sure you have the best information possible. Unfortunately trail conditions are always changing. The information I provide is old the day after I hike it. Many things can alter the description of my hikes including but not limit to trails being moved or altered, fallen trees, and flooded streams. I find the GPS unit I use does not follow the exact path that I take, for example it appears at times that I am walking through a lake instead of the trail beside it. I may not mark or discuss every side trail I walk past. You should always look for more than one source of information on any hike. Any information you use that we provide you do so at your own risk. Hiking can be dangerous, people do get injured and killed. Do not assume that because I hike a certain trail with 3 kids that everybody can. When you make a choice to hike someplace, you are choosing to take responsibility. The information posted on this site regarding fire towers or any other structure are only current the day I have visited the location. Fire towers and other structures are risky to climb in the best of conditions, always assume their are unforeseen dangers as they are in a constant state of deterioration. I do not condone or encourage any type of trespassing, of fence hopping. Please be careful. This website assumes absolutely no responsibility, including but not limited to injury or loss due to the use of information found on this site.



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