Barnett Knob Fire Tower NC

Total Mileage: 1.4 Miles                                                  Directions 35.525083, -83.229056

Total rise:  371′                                                                             Facebook

Hike Time: 1 Hour                                                                        My Pintrest

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Significance: Fire tower, Views

Here is some of what you need to know: This tower is on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we got on in Cherokee NC and drove north, but you can start in Northern Virginia and it is an incredible ride.

1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

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Neither the trail-head or parking area are marked with any indications that there is a fire tower nearby. Study the map above and and I recommend using a dedicated GPS unit as I had zero cell service long before I got to the trail.





Follow the utility road to the top, it will lead you directly to the tower. A fence wraps around most of it but a section is open for tower access.










While many of the NC towers were ‘sleep in’ cabs, this one has a cabin on the ground where the watchers slept. The door was open so we walked in; it was abandoned, creepy, and cool; the kids loved it.















Like most towers access is not allowed any further than the top steps. The View is mostly obstructed by trees except for the North and North-west. It is worth the short hike even for the limited view. I am normally good at identifying the mountains in view but none of my usual tricks worked. Clingman’s Dome is NW and may be visible. Use the Map above to view what may be seen.











Below is a list of the fire towers we have hiked in the state. There are 24 fire towers on North Carolina’s fire tower challenge and it is a great way to see the mountains and see the western part of the state.

Panthertop fire tower           Joanna Bald fire tower

Green Knob fire tower          Cowee Bald fire tower

Barnett Knob fire tower        Clingman’s Dome

Frying Pan fire tower