Bash Bish Falls Hike

Mileage: 2.1                                                                              Google Directions

Rise: about 250 ft                                                                     Facebook

Hike time: About an 1 hr with 2 adults                                  Future forecast

Falls Height: 60 Ft, the tallest falls in Massachusetts              Snow Pack

Taconic State Park– The New York Side                                   Hikes by region

Bash Bish Falls State Park– The Mass Side

Here is some of what you need to know: You can enter the falls from NY or MA, but the Falls are in MA. Read Below…

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The trail from NY into MA is very reasonable. It is a gentle smooth slope rising about 250 ft over 0.7 miles. A sign marks the the borders between New York and Massachusetts, no tolls.


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The Park provides an upper platform to watch the falls, or you can walk down the steps for the view up close. The falls area has a lot of rocks for the kids to climb around on.


photo 4


photo 1









photo 5



I was not able to get a good picture above the falls, but there looks to be a valley of steep rock that goes right up the mountain. The water flows over and through the rocks in a cool way. Zoom onto the left side of the falls, their is a cave like rock overhang where the water runs out. The falls splash into a beautiful pool of clear water, then travel down a stream bed of large rocks.




This is a place we want to come back to. It is very relaxing, and with only a short hike back there is not a ton of pressure to leave. Pack a lunch and stay awhile.The melting snow of spring usually makes for an ideal time to see water falls.  Look for other hikes in the area: Alander Mountain and Stissel Fire Tower make for a great combination of hikes.














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