Bear Creek Preserve; Nepa hiking Trails

Total Mileage:6.6 Miles                                           Directions 41.182290,-75.703965

Total rise: 800′                                                                         Facebook

Hike Time: 3 Hours                                                                 My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: Expect hunters in these woods during certain seasons, here is a link for those dates in Pa.

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I traveled clockwise on the map above; there is a driveway in the parking area that leads uphill to a building, the driveway will be on your right as you start the trail. I took the Red loop trail because it covers a large area, plus waterfalls and vistas were marked on the map. This trail is rated difficult, I would guess the reason for this is the length combined with the overall elevation gain of 800′; I would call in moderate it my opinion.



Hiking power lines is a great way to get in shape for high peak mountains

Rhododendron tunnel










A young White Pine; in the forest they grow about 6″ a year.

Expect a typical NEPA forest with rock formations, views, and babbling brooks; none of which is in excess. Opportunities are available to jump onto other trails, and since everything is well marked you should have little trouble navigating (be sure you print a map). The use of the name waterfall is a bit of a stretch here but, where the water is running the area is green and beautiful; the trail edges have steep drop offs in some areas and large portion of the hike has Mountain Laurel as far as the eye can see (bloom early June). The first two miles is relatively level, it then briefly dips into a valley filled with Rhododendrons (bloom March to June).

The big climb up hill is about 400′ of elevation over a mile; that plus the next 1/2 mile is access road, which was kind of boring and dragged on. Keep watching the red blazes because the trail will take a sharp right and leave the access road. Next the trees thin out and field opens up, it seemed like a great place to hang out and wait for some wildlife to walk by. At this point the end is near; I jumped on the yellow blazed trail to see the vista and I am happy I did. The lookout area is made up of a nice rocky outcrop where I sat and took my only break of the hike. This section is only a half mile from the parking area, so you can make a short hike to this view if you chose to do that. Make a right from the yellow blaze onto to the Red/yellow blaze, follow the trail to a driveway next to the preserve office, follow the driveway down to your car.

Check out The Seven Tubs which is nearby and here is a map of some other trails in NEPA.