Beartown State Park

Mileage: 0.6 miles                                           Directions 38.051500,-80.275241

Total rise: 72 ft bahahaha                                               Facebook

Hike Time: 20 min                                                          My Pintrest

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Significance: Rock formations

Here is some of what you need to know: This is not a hike that I would 300 miles to get to, but if you are in the area then yes, stop in. Below are some suggestions for some other nearby attractions


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While looking to kill an hour during our trip through West Virginia we found Beartown State park. It was a perfect spot to stop, stretch our legs, and see some cool natural wonders.

This board walk trail steers you through a maze of Giant rocks made of Droop Sandstone. At times the walls are high above your head, other times you are looking down at from the tops of the high rocks. Naturally forming “Pitts” are found in the stone along the way and some are deep enough to crawl into.














img_5998The kids loved this little trail, they said it was their favorite of the whole trip (probably because they only had to walk for 20 minutes). The park was very quiet and well maintained. We have nothing but good stuff to say about West Virginia; as always we cannot wait to come back.

While you are at Droop Mountain you can check out the Droop Mountain Battle field. Only a half hour away is the Falls of Hill Creek where you will find a short hike with several waterfalls.




If you are wondering how the water from the fountain taste, click to enlarge picture