Beech Mountain Fire Lookout Tower; Acadia National Park ME

Total Mileage: 1.5 Miles                                        Directions 44.315287,-68.343657

Total rise: 417′                                                                     Facebook

Hike Time:1 hr 15min                                                        My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: Day fees are required, unfortunately we saw no where to pay them.

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Soon after entering the trail, a sign will offer a choice between the 0.4 mile (short and more steep) route, or the 0.7 mile (longer and less steep) route. We took the longer trail because we were told there were some views along the way. The trail is well maintained, not very rocky, and light blue blazes mark the way.

Most of the trail was woods but the kids found some rocks to climb around on and the views of Long Pond were incredible. The elevation gain is about 340′ over 0.8 miles, it was a very nice hike up.



Not on the trail

Long Pond












Perched on the rocky top of the mountain is Beech fire tower. There are only two flights of stairs which is shorter than most northern towers (see Deboullie) and the door to the top level is closed. Looking to the east, the closest hill is Acadia Mountain and Norumbega is just beyond that. Southeast is the Atlantic ocean with all of its glory. The other side of Long Pond (to the west) is Bernard and Mansell Mountains.

For the return trip to the parking area we took the short 0.4 mile trail; while it was a little more steep with short rock scrambles, the kids did it without trouble.











The Atlantic Ocean


I have only heard good things about Acadia National Park, and from what I can tell they are all true. We had great views, saw marine life, and did some great hiking. Our stay during the early part of October meant few crowds and near peak foliage. We spent only a few hours when really we needed a few days; our next trip is already planned. Check out the other fire towers in Maine by going to the east coast fire towers page, and enjoy your trip.