Big Slide Mountain hike; The Brothers Trail, Adirondack High Peaks

Total Mileage: 8.9                                                        Directions 44.188955,-73.816152

Total rise: 2,972′                                                                         Facebook

Hike Time: 8 Hours                                                                     My Pintrest

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Significance: ADK High Peak, Views                                     East Coast Fire Towers

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Here is some of what you need to know:The Garden Parking lot has a fee of $10 2017, bring cash; check out their site for up to date info; also, it fills up fast so get there early.

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It is worth distinguishing between two hikes: The Brothers Mountains (there are three of them) and Big Slide. If you only do the Brothers, you will still walk away with some incredible views, knock out the whole hike in 5 hours maybe. After the Brothers is the hike up to big slide; the mileage is not much more but the fatigue can add up. The views are about the same. The question is, can you get that close to a high peak and not climb it?

Hurricane Mountain far left, Giant Mountain far Right

Most of the Mileage and elevation gain goes into the the Three Brothers; Brother #1 is at 1.3 miles with a gain of 1,326′, Brother #2 is at mile 1.7 with an additional gain of 255′, Brother #3 is at mile 2.5 with an additional gain of 550′. total gain for this section is about 2131′.

The views are awesome and we started to see them within the first mile. One of the first mountains you will see to the east is Giant Mountain, it is large and very impressive. To the left of Giant is Hurricane Mountain, also visible is its fire towers.

The trail blazes from this section are blue, except for the areas where there are no trees, there you will see yellow paint on the rock. Be Mindful not to walk on the vegetation, it may be hard to remember to look down with all of the awesome views.

Looking to the southeast is the Great Range, and in the picture below I numbered the mountains to help identify them: #1 Lower Wolf Jaw, #2 Upper Wolfjaw, #3 Armstrong, #4 Gothics, #5 Saddleback, #6 Basin; at the end of the valley and out of the photo is Marcy. When you reach the top of Brother #3, look through the valley between Giant and Hurricane and you will see Mount Mansfield in Vermont, to the Right of Giant is Killington Mountain VTCascade and Porter are North.



This could be you

















Now, onto Big Slide. After leaving Brother #3 you will happily head downhill for about 0.4 miles (loss of 160′), then climb about 400′ in elevation over about 0.5 miles; this brings you to the three way intersection just before the summit.

It is 0.3 miles and about 270′ of elevation gain to the summit. Near the top you will see a short side trail that leads to a slide, it was a very cool thing to see.











The Slide near the summit.

The pictures of the summit are black and white only because there was literally no color left in the Adirondacks. If you are looking southeast you will see see another awesome view of the Great Range (assuming it is not snowing) and I believe a look back at the Brothers mountains. Conditions were wearing on us so we boogied out of there pretty quick. At the intersection you have an option to go down hill and travel to the parking area through the valley; this will add a mile to your trip but you do not have to worry about the elevation gain if you return via the brothers route. Be mindful to check the signage at the bottom of the mountain, there are a couple intersections and you do not want to find yourself at the bottom of Gothics when you should be at your car (if you see the Lodge, you did something wrong).


You can spend a life time in the Adirondacks, it is so incredible. Check out the Fire Tower Page for many more hiking locations in the area.