Buckhorn Ridge Fire Tower

Buckhorn Ridge Fire Tower

Location: Delaware State Forest Pike County, Pennsylvania




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Height:60′                                          Facebook

Elevation 1474′                                 My Pintrest

Condition: Endangered                    Hikes by region







The parking area is right at the base of the tower, if the gate at the beginning of the road is closed you are in for a half mile one way hike with a moderate incline.

The overall structure of the tower appears in good shape but rot is setting in and without intervention it will be another tower lost. I was told their is a “keep off” sign somewhere base but I did not see it.





















The view of the Delaware Forest and of the Pinchot Estate is far and wide. Some overgrown trees partially block the view but overall it is incredible. The only landmark I could recognize was the Water Gap’s Mount Minsi and Mount Tammany.

















                    In the area

The road leading to the “tower road” has many nice campsites along side of it, contact the Delaware State Forest for permits. Check out Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s tallest waterfalls, Raymonskill and Buttermilk respectively. Dingman’s Falls. Swimming in the Delaware. The Appalachian trail as it runs through the Water Gap’s Mount Minsi and Mount Tammany.

We need to do more to protect these Pennsylvania Fire Towers. Many states are using them for tourism and they are reaping the benefits as people travel from other states to climb them. If you know anyone who will listen to my arguments please email me everywherehiker@gmail.com. Thank you