Buzzard Rock Trail Hike

Mileage: 4 Miles                                                            Directions 38.937775,-78.288448

Rise:   650 ft                                                                                Facebook

Hike Time: about 2.5 hrs with 2 kids                                        Weather

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Significance: Views

Here is some of what you need to know: This was nice trail to take the kids on. A gain of 650 feet of elevation over 2 miles is what I would consider an easy to moderate hike. If I was a beginner hiker I would be happy to have stumbled upon this one.


1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large




Most of this white blazed trail is fairly clean; their are some rocks and streams but nothing to sweat. Reminders that you are not far from civilization are seen throughout this hike such as houses and factories in the distance, but for the most part you are surrounded by woods.







When you finally peak your head out of the woods for the first vista you will have hiked 1.5 miles and gained about 400 feet in elevation.




IMG_0444 (2)


The next 0.5 miles will rise about 200 feet and it will be rocky. We left the trail a few times to see some views but everything we needed to see was at the top; A perch to look out over the valley and rocks for the kids to climb on.

The trail continues on with more views ahead but I wanted to leave while the kids were still happy.





IMG_0476 (2)









As always we had an awesome time in the great state of Virginia. Our trip here was well worth the eight hours drive and we will do it again soon. Check out our other nearby hikes.

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