Constitutional Marsh Hike

Mileage: 2.5 miles for both                                                    Directions

Hike Time: 2 hrs with 4 kids                                                   Facebook

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Significance:  Marsh, wildlife, waterfall

Here is some of what you need to know: You park in the middle, up the road from the car is the water fall, down hill from the car is the marsh. The marsh is an Audubon Bird Sanctuary so expect wildlife. The waterfall was cold but that did not stop anyone from jumping in.



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I knew the kids would be wet after the waterfalls so we headed down to the marsh first. It is a down hill walk on a road to get to the trail head. Their is a visitors center at the bottom of the hill where you should see the sign above. You have to hike over a small hill to get from the visitors center and the marsh. It is a short but beautiful stretch of woods where the trail is rocky and steep at times, you also get a view of the river from a higher point.


The bridge


Before long you hit the marsh where the walking is easy. It is like walking at the boardwalk in the wilderness. As you cross the bridge it is as if you are walking into another world. The birds seem to play and sing carelessly around you. The river grass surrounds you and sways in the summer breeze. The water is clear, calm, filled with life, and the river meets the mountains on the horizon.














The walkway meanders around the marsh but only covers a small area. The trail in the woods goes beyond the marsh so their may be more to see more.  Its time to head up hill to the falls!



The bridge



Entrance to the falls trail, just past the bridge










It is not a far walk to the falls from the car, about 0.4 miles. Just after you go under the bridge you will see the path begin on the right. From the bridge it is a short 0.2 miles to the falls on a trail that at times runs along a stream, the closer the falls the rockier it is.
















Their was a sign on the path that said no climbing on the rocks but it did not see anything that said no swimming. so in we went, (actually I stayed out with the baby). The water was cold, but on this hot day the kids welcomed it.

Check out the Hudson Valley, it is a great place to hike and spend the day.
































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  • Constitution Marsh Audubon Center

    We’re glad you had such a wonderful time visiting us and we’d love to have you back! Just a note, no swimming is allowed at Indian Brook Falls.

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