Cowee Bald Fire Lookout Tower NC

Location and Directions:            35.328326,-83.336465

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Elevation: 4,955                                                              My Pintrest

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You will drive on all of the roads in the picture

How do I say this nicely…The drive to the tower was far more interesting than the tower itself. Further more, after seeing all of the communication towers you may question why the hell you could not get any cell service for for the last hour of your drive.;) Seriously…you may do better having a dedicated GPS unit, we lost cell service long before we got to the tower, we were lucky to have run into a few locals while we were driving.

I do not think my Camry would have made the drive. We gained about 2700 feet of elevation driving up some rough twisty-turny mountain roads. My kids cheered as I blew through the small pond with our (rental) SUV seen in the picture below.











The fire tower is located in the woods on the far side of the communication towers, it was not hard to find. Like most east coast towers you are not allowed in the cab, but a limited view is available from the top stairs. You are surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Nantahala National Forest. I used my Peakfinder APP to identify some of the mountains and I posted the screen shot below with the correlating picture.



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In spite of what I said above I have no regrets for making the trip up the mountain. Every trip I take with my kids is an adventure and this was no exception.

Below is a list of the fire towers we have hiked in the state. There are 24 fire towers on North Carolina’s fire tower challenge and it is a great way to see the mountains and see the western part of the state.

Panthertop fire tower           Joanna Bald fire tower

Green Knob fire tower          Cowee Bald fire tower

Barnett Knob fire tower        Clingman’s Dome

Frying Pan fire tower