Dingmans Falls; Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area PA

Mileage: 1.2 Miles                                               Directions 41.229419,-74.887463

Rise: Minimal                                                                        Facebook

Hike Time: 45 Min                                                                My Pintrest

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Significance: Two waterfalls, one is Pennsylvania’s second tallest.


Here is some of what you need to knowThis is not the back country where majestic waterfalls are found by slogging over rocks and through brush. You are in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and they prefer their waterfalls to be on display like it’s the Macy’s department store. Take it for what it is, and know that because it is easy you will have time to hit several other falls in the area like Raymondskill and Buttermilk falls.

-These waterfalls are wheelchair accessible and closed during the winter.

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The waterfall warm up


This hike starts from a visitors center parking area. The lot is large but it fills up fast according to the park website. A boardwalk or flat surface travels past all the main attractions so people with limited mobility have the opportunity to see this wonder of nature.





The first waterfall is the Silver Thread; its two tiers add up to 80 feet and the thread of water falls into a neatly formed channel in a way that it looks like god wanted it on display all along.


80′ Silver Thread Falls











After a short stroll though a Rhododendron tunnel (Rhodies bloom in May) we arrived at Dingmans falls. Here you will see the water drop and cascade for an impressive 130;, the surrounding vegetation gives this area a deep jungle feel. Seats are in place so you can hang out for a little while and watch the water roll by.






Their is an option to take some steps to the top of the falls; this, I thought was a far less impressive view, but it was a short trip and cool enough to make it worth the effort.


Click to enlarge











Watch the poison ivy



Take some time to explore the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Their are big hikes like Mount Tammany and Mount Minsi, swim at the River Beeches, visit the Buckhorn fire tower, see Pennsylvania’s tallest waterfall Raymondskill falls, and New Jersey’s tallest waterfall Buttermilk falls. Their is a ton to do and you will love it.