Dunmore Reservoir Hike

Mileage: About 1.4 Miles                                                Directions

Hike time: about 45 min                                                 Facebook

Rise: 151 ft                                                                        Weather

Here is some of what you need to know: Their is parking right near the damn and at the industrial park shown on the map.



1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large

We always park right near the damn and walk in. There is a lot of action as soon as you walk in as seen in the picture above. The trail is off to the right of the dam and loops around to this in the end.



The beginning of the hike is on more of an access road to start until about 0.3 miles when the trail leaves the road and heads left towards the reservoir.

Follow the yellow blazes. The stone water crossing is about as technical as it gets on this part of the path.






At about 0.9 a side trail leads to a little picnic  area. As you can see on the left, table, benches and access to the lake. If this is the only part you want to hike to then you should start at the industrial park side for quicker access.






At about 1.1 miles you make it to the other side of the damn, we were confuse at first what to do because their is a large fence blocking your path. We ended up going around it and down a steep hill, on our second visit we found out instead of going left towards the damn, you need to go right towards the industrial park. Here you will find additional parking and the trail that leads back to the other side of the damn.




I often think we would not need to go any further than the beginning of this hike. Their is the cool waterfall, old bridge, and nature. On the outskirts of the city, it is a pocket of easy to access escape. Yes their is an all terrain vehicle track nearby, and the reservoir is slightly overshadowed by a landfill, but it is still a great place to take the kids and definitely on the list for NEPA hiking trails.





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