Ferncliff Forest Lookout Fire Tower; Hudson Valley Hike

Total Mileage: 1.6 Miles                                            Directions 41.957270,-73.920723

Total rise:  164′                                                                   Facebook

Hike Time: 1:15 (3 kids)                                                    My Pintrest

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Significance: Fire Tower, Views                                  East Coast Fire Towers

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We followed the yellow blazed trail for the entire hike; there were some areas where we saw other colors and became nervous that we were on a different trail, but we were patient and soon enough we would see another yellow blaze. We went counter clockwise, and by doing that we arrived at the tower sooner.

At 0.2 miles we came across a pond, follow the signs that say “Fire Tower”. After only 0.6 miles we reached the tower.



The Ferncliff tower was sturdy and felt safe to climb. The View from the top of the tower is awesome. So many times I see the Hudson Valley from the Catskill Mountains, from here I could see the Catskill Mountains from the Hudson Valley. Check out the picture below: The center of the Mountain is Overlook Mountain and it has a fire tower, to the right of that is katterskill High Peak, and the Black Head Range. To the left of Overlook is  Slide, Cornell, Whitenburg, Friday, Balsam Cap. You can partially orient yourself with the Screen shot I took using the Peakfinder App.












Picnic table at the base of the tower

An easterly view









After leaving the tower we continued down the yellow blazed path.

The trail is well maintained and the obstacles were minimal. There were a ton of Oak trees along the way; one I have noticed many times while in the Hudson Valley is the Chestnut Oak, its thick gnarly bark stands out among the rest and is pictured below.

The kids had a great time climbing on the rocks and romping through the forest. They were able to get up close to some wetlands where they skipped some rocks. There was enough to do where 1.6 miles went by in no time. This was a 4-star park in my book, and I look forward to coming back in a few years.


Leaf of a Chestnut Oak.

Thick gnarly bark of the Chestnut Oak.











Cmon guys, it is just a hole in a tree.









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