Frankenstien cliff and Ripley Falls Hike

Mileage: 5.1 miles                                                       Directions 44.167153,-71.386117

Rise: 1641′                                                                                      Facebook

Hike Time:  2.5 hrs                                                                            Weather

Significance: Waterfall, Views                                                         My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: This trail will take you through the water fall first, then the trail continues to the cliffs. Read Below…


1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

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The hike begins on the Appalachian Trail (AT) and it will take you out of the parking lot, over a set of active RR tracks and into the woods. The AT blazes are White. The Crawford Notch state park did a nice job with signs and blazes to guide you to the many attractions in the area. The trail to Ripley falls leaves the AT after about 2/10 of a mile.





It is a short distance to the waterfall, only 6/10 of a mile with a rise of about 300 feet in elevation. The trail crosses the water at the bottom of the waterfall so their is no missing what you came for. It is an impressive 100 foot cascade of water into a small pool at the bottom. It was late June and the water was nowhere near peak flow, but it was still cool to see. This hike would have been perfect for my kids with the short distance and the opportunity to splash in the shallows of the waterfall.

Continue on the trail to reach the top of the falls for  and for a look down to the bottom; you will also see another smaller waterfall.




The falls from above


The Falls above the falls, Click to enlarge









To the Cliffs

IMG_3778After seeing the top of the falls continue on the blue blazed trail to reach Frankenstein cliffs. It is a steady climb of about 760 feet over the next mile before the trail becomes relatively level. It is a beautiful forest to walk through and their was not a soul in site; in fact, judging from the debris on the trail I would bet this is a place you would rarely find crowds.

At 1.7 miles you will come to a 3 way intersection, follow the signs directions and hike another 0.8 miles. Their were a couple of  lookouts along the way, do not mistaken them for the Frankenstien. At the 2.4 mile mark their is a small sign that leads you onto your final path towards the cliffs, it is a short 0.5 mile walk.




The last turn, Click on photo to enlarge











Finally, the cliffs. I had a nice open rock to sit down and have a snack with the ants. It is a beatiful view. It is hard to tell but I think I can see Mount Washington in the distance. Tell me what you think when you enlarge the picture below.



















My reward before I left the woods (my only bath for the weekend). Crawford notch state park is tucked right in the middle of Mount Washington and Franconia Notch State park giving you easy access to a ton of great places. Hiking, site seeing from your car, and old fashioned train rides can fill a week of your time quickly. Get to New Hampshire and experience this awesome place.

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