Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge Hike: The ADK High Peaks

Mileage: 8.5 Miles up and back                                Directions 44.138463,-73.743850

Rise: 4,436 ft  (2 Peaks)                                                            Facebook

Hike Time: 8 hrs (35 min from Giant to Rocky)                     Weather

Snow Pack                                                                  East Coast Fire Tower Page

Significance: Giant is #12 on the list of Adirondack High Peaks and Rocky Peak is #20

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Here is some of what you need to know: The trail head is across from chapel pond, there is also a trail head on the other side of Saint Huber which is slightly longer and has a waterfall. The third trail head is in New Russia, it runs about 8 miles to Giant and I hear it is very cool.

I drank a 1.5 liters of water but it was cool out, if it was warm I am sure 3-4 liter would not be unreasonable


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The Ridge trail is steep and rocky, you will gain 3000 ft of elevation over 3 miles. It was not easy but there were a lot of vistas where you will be happy to stop and catch your breath.


IMG_5832 (2)




At 0.7 miles we came across the washbowl, a small pond where the trail skirts around shortly before heading up hill again. This trail can get busy but on this day we had the place to ourselves.



IMG_5849 (2)

At 1.6 miles the sky opened up and we walked out onto the first slide. At some points of our hike the rain was coming down in sheets, other times the cloud ceiling would lift and we would get great views. I will confess here we thought we were at the top of the mountain, then we saw the next hill (which we also thought was the top of the mountain haha). Each hill ahead of us made us think ‘how will we make it up that monster’? The answer is one step at a time, and when we would look back we would say that it was not that bad.

IMG_5885 (2)














Finally the summit of Giant. Unfortunately we were fogged in during the first view. After coming back from Rocky Peak I took another look and it was perfect. Some clouds hung around but they added to the incredible view. You can see a ton of mountains like Sawteeth Gothics, Dix, Nipple Top, and Marcy. Awesome stuff but the wind was ice cold and we had to keep moving.






IMG_5990 (3)










Rocky Peak Ridge

To get to Rocky Peak you will have to backtrack 0.1 miles to an intersection where their is a marked trail to the mountain. It only took us about 35 minutes to travel the 1.2 miles down giant and up Rocky. It was steep, wet, and fun. For the most part the clouds blocked the view from the top but for a minute we were able to see Lake Champlain.







View of Lake Champlain from Rocky











IMG_5859Awesome time in the Adirondacks with Louis and Josh who were first time offenders in the High Peaks region. These were peaks #5 and 6 for me and I cannot wait to bag my next one. Send me an email and tell me about your ADK stories at

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