Gillespie Point Hike: Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Mileage: 4.2 miles                                                          Directions

Hike Time: about 3.5 hrs (3 kids)                                  Facebook

Rise:1165 ft                                                                     Weather

Pintrest                                                              THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Significance: View of the southern end of the PA Grand Canyon.

Here us some of what you need to know: We parked along the dirt road but that did not leave a lot of room for others to pass, you may want to to look for a place near the main road. On the google map it shows a logging road that I am pretty sure does not exist, their is one that you will cross on your hike down the mountain so maybe they mixed it up.




1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large


What is cool about this hike is that all the work is in the beginning. After you hike up the 900 ft of elevation over 1.2 miles it is all down hill. While the beginning of this trail is steep, it is not rocky.

The view from your perch atop Gillespie point is incredible, I am blown away every time I hike it. you will see the small town of Blackwell along with 2 big valleys that carry Pine creek. The valley straight ahead hosts the west rim trail and leads to Leanard Harrison/Colton Point State Parks. If you follow Pine Creek through the valley on your left you will come to Tiadaghton State Forest just before the town of Jersey Shore. Their used to be a another vista showing a view from the back side of the mountain but it may have grown in, or I missed it.













To complete this loop you continue down the trail, the blazes now turn orange. This is a nice hike through the forest. It is a less dramatic drop in elevation and the thick canopy kept us cool all the way down. You will cross a logging road before you get to the main road at the bottom.















The trail eventually dumps you out onto a the dirt road you parked on, it is about a 1.5 miles walk to your car. It is funny, the kids tolerated hiking up the mountain better than they did walking on the road, it was boring for them but their were some cool hairpin turns and lots of frogs to catch along the way.

This is a must do hike at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and an awesome trail. Drive into Blackwell their is a parking area with a rails to trails site and access to Pine creek, we caught some crayfish. Upstream is the Turkey Path at Leonard Harrison State Park, and see the view from above at the Grand Canyon Lookout tower. Don’t forget to stop at the Wellsboro Diner nearby.












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