A The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Lookout Tower

Location: The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon             THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Directions 41.695683,-77.443008                                       Weather

Height: 100′                                                                          Facebook

Elevation: 2000′                                                                  My Pintrest

Condition: Sturdy                                                              Hikes by region

This tower was originally located on Mount Joy in 1906 at Valley Forge Pennsylvania (formally known as the Valley Forge Observation Tower) and was built so visitors of the area could see from above the location where George Washington and his army camped during the winter of 1778. In the 1980’s it was dismantled and moved to this location near Colton Point and Leonard Harrison State park and now overlooks the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. This Lookout is privately owned and it will cost $3 per person (credit card only) 2017 prices.







I stumbled on this tower on my way to nearby Leonard Harrison State Park where we had plans to hike the famous Turkey Path. Large signs along the road directed us to its location. One thing I have learned is that if something is advertised (as in roadside signs) then it will not be free. Paying for something such as a climb up a fire tower usually curbs my enthusiasm but I had to see what this was all about. Quickly after seeing the tower I decided that if $3 from me helps preserve this awesome lookout then it is a small price to pay.












The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon from above


This is a well placed tower giving you an incredible 360 view of some of Pennsylvania’s finest forest. The notable areas are: North-West is the canyon state parks (Colton Point/Leonard Harrison) their mountains are most prominent. South-West is a massive tract of protected lands; the 265,000 acre Susquehannock State Forest seems like an endless string of mountains and valleys.












The nearby town of Blackwell has a cool hike on Mount Gillespie. If you come to the area be aware of a 60 mile Rails to Trails path that runs along the Pine Creek Gorge. Their is tons to do here, ya better get started.