Kaaterskill Falls; Ny Catskill Waterfall

Mileage:     1.96 miles                                                              Directions

Hike Time:  1.2 hrs   No Kids                                                   Facebook

Rise: 591 ft                                                                                Weather

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Significance: Tallest 2 tier falls in NY, 260 Ft                  THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

**Map Warning** The map that was made by my GPS unit is so bad I wrote the company an email. The map you see below is not accurate. This is an up and back trail and the pins mark the actual rout. It appears their are two different trails but you will take the same trail back that you came in on.

Here is some of what you need to know: Parking here is crazy. Their is a 0.2 mile walk on a busy road between the parking lot and the trail head. Some areas you can walk on the opposite side of a guard rail, others not so much. Their is limited parking and I am told it fills up quick. Their are many warnings to not climb up to the top of the falls because people die doing it every year, it was difficult but we complied. You can drive to a trail that leads to the top of the falls but we were there and it was not that great.



1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

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Not Kaaterskill


These are the first falls you come across and you can see them from the road. This hike took place mid April and the spring melt made for some heavy flowing falls. We did not take time to skip around the rocks along the creek but it would have been fun.The trail on the way to the top is rocky and steep at times, but with less than a mile to the top you can take it slow and still get back in a reasonable time







When we reached the falls we found a large flat rock where we could sit for a few minutes. The swollen falls were so impressive we sat and stared for good 20 minutes. Finally we decided we have to get closer so we crossed the creek and found our way right next to falls. The mist was so heavy we had a hard time breathing. It is so cool to get right up close to natures fury like that.



The rock that shifted


On our way out the Kaaterskill threw a last minute surprise at us. This rock weighing what looks to be thousands of pounds flopped over some how and landed where we had been standing minutes earlier. It does not look big in the picture but it was loud and shook everything around us. It was one of those rare opportunities to see how one of those giant rocks ended up in a certain location.


Our day in the Catskills started at Slide Mountain and we then drove to Kaaterskill falls. It was a full day of hiking and adventure and it sure beat a day in front of the TV. To catch the falls at its best come in the spring or after a big rain storm, it is surely worth a couple hrs drive.

Overlook Mountain

Giant Ledge

Hunter and Rusk Mountains

Slide Mountain

The blackhead Range






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