Max Patch; Blue Ridge Mountains; Appalachian Trail

Mileage:1.16Miles                                                        Directions 35.796378,-82.962635

Rise:   300 FT                                                                 Facebook

Hike Time:   45 min  3 kids (10,6,4)                             Weather

significance:360 views, Appalachian Trail

Printable Map                                                               Flaming Arrow Campground

Here is some of what you need to know: This is one of those trails that is harder to drive to than it is to hike; you will drive miles and miles on a twisting mountain road, do not show up on an empty gas tank.

Regarding the North Carolina weather in April, the days were 70 Degrees but the nights dropped into the 30’s (we liked the day time better)


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Walk through the gate


The trail starts by walking through the front gate; it is a short walk with few obstacles and minimal elevation gain. You will emerge from the woods to the open fields of Max Patch with an impressive 360 degree view of the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains.
















Enlarge picture to see the through hikers playing football


The crowds were large considering the mountain was in the middle of nowhere. Of the few dozen people visiting here I would say half came by car and half were Through hikers stopping for the night. Do not worry, it is a big hilltop and their is plenty of room for everyone. Camping is allowed but not at the top of the mountain.





If you are any where near this mountain you have to stop by to see the view. Check out the nearby town of Cherokee; Here we camped at the Flaming Arrow campground. It was a prime location for hitting some great hikes in the smoky mountains. Our site had a view of a mountain, the bathrooms were clean, and the playground kept the kids (busy) happy.