Milan Hill Fire Lookout Tower; New Hampshire State Park

Location: Milan, New Hampshire                        THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Directions 44.577591, -71.225770                                 Weather

Height: 45′                                                                       Facebook

Elevation: 1730 feet                                                      My Pintrest

Condition: Sturdy                                                       Hikes by region

Beware: For the entire time I was north of Franconia Notch I had zero internet service on my phone, I could make phone calls but not get even a little bit of internet…weird. Bring a separate GPS unit and have all of your coordinates written down.

This is a (short) two part story: one is the fire tower, the other is the awesome campground. First we will talk about the tower which is about 100 feet from the parking area.

To the East: Maine is only a stones throw away so you really get a great view of the northern tip of the White Mountain Range; Old Speck which lies in the Mahoosuc Mountain preserve (There is a tower on Speck), and you may have heard of the toughest mile on the Appalachian trail is Mahoosuc Notch…cool stuff.

To the South: An easy to see landmark to help with orientation are the windmills on Jericho mountain to the south; To the right of Jericho is Mount Madison and the start of the Presidential Range.

To the west is Mount Cabbot


Mount Jericho and the windmills center bump










Mount Cabot distant right

Maine; Old Speck to the Right of the double peaks










click on the campground picture to enlarge

I love this campground and here is why: We had just come from a NH state park where everything was cool except that we were packed like sardines in the tenting area; here we were north of all the tourism and the sites are very spread out. On top of seeing nobody else, four separate platforms are built for the tents (3 in the picture, 1 in the woods) so you do not have to sleep on the rocky ground. Add the fire lookout to all of this and I would say they hit this one out of the park.