Mingo Falls Hike; The Smokey Mountains

Mileage: 1.2 Miles to the top of the falls                   Directions 35.534191,-83.276281

Rise: 400 FT?                                                                 Facebook

Hike Time: 20 min- 1 HR                                              Weather

significance: North Carolina Waterfall

Printable Map                                                              Flaming Arrow Campground

Here is some of what you need to know: The map below is incorrect, I am not sure if it is a problem with Google or Garmin but it appears I am going up the wrong mountain. Follow the flags on the map and read below.


1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large




The main body of this hike is fairly simple. You will climb steps (about 164) until the ground levels out, then a trail will take you to a bridge where you can view the falls (0.2 miles one way). It was mid April and their were no other visitors to compete with.

















The mighty Mingo is 120 feet. The falling and cascading water makes the sound of a rainstorm in the tropics. It was hard to take my eyes off of this incredible view, and the kids were as impressed as me.







Before I saw the sign saying not to leave the trail… I left the trail. *I do not think you should do things that you are not supposed to do*. I was trying to get closer to the falls when I saw a trail heading up the left side. It is Steep, rocky and potentially dangerous, so I sent the kids up first.  My kids are experienced and I know they are capable of navigating through tough stuff; still I had to stay close to them in a few areas to ensure safety.

A window in the trees opens up near the middle of the falls and we were able to get very close to the water(cool!), then again at the top I got a limited view of the bottom.




From the middle


From the top










The kids and I loved Mingo falls. It was a short hike to see something very cool. The Cherokee area is right in the smoky mountains and definitely a great place to visit.Check out the nearby Barnett Knob fire tower and Clingman’s Dome.

We camped in mid April because the days were in the 70’s, the nights would drop down into the 30’s but it was worth it. We stayed at the Flaming Arrow Campground and we had a great time. Their was food and restaurants nearby and a playground kept the kids (busy) happy. From our campsite we had a view of a mountain and the nearby bathrooms were clean. I absolutely recommend the place.