North Point, North South Lake; Catskill Mountain Hike

Mileage: 5.9 miles                                                       Directions  42.198457,-74.034687

Rise:  1125′                                                                                      Facebook

Hike Time: 4 hrs/3kids                                                                   My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: Parking is $10 unless you are going to camp.


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To get to the trail head you will have to drive through the state park; a sign will appear on your left just before the beach parking lot.

Now pay attention: The trail will start off with yellow blazes and after about 0.1 mile you will see another trail with blue blazes running parallel. Get on the blue blaze trail and head left. I point this out because it is a weird transition with no clear path between the two trails. Once you are following the blue the navigation is easy so don’t worry.




Most of the trail to North point is an easy hike with a steady incline. Occasionally you will come across some small rock scrambles; the one in the picture was on the larger side.




Their are plenty of opportunities to see some awesome views starting with Artisans rock; this cliff overlook is only 0.4 miles from the trail head and you will get an incredible panoramic picture of the Hudson valley. From the rock you can see the mighty Hudson River and some of the distant Taconic Mountain range (see Alander Mountain).












Sunset Rock is above his head

Sunset rock is up next and you have to take a short spur trail to get there; a sign at the 0.9 mile mark will point you in the right direction. It is an easy 0.4 mile round trip and is absolutely worth the time. Prior to the start of this spur trail you will have walked past a large rock face, Sunset Rock happens to be on top of those rocks and that is where the spur will take you. From the top you will get your first view of North South Lake and behind you can see Kaaterskill High Peak and Round top.














IMG_4854Two more landmarks to see on your way to the top: First is Newman’s Ledge at 1.1 miles; It is a great place to take a break, but the views are the same as Artist Rock. The second landmark is Badman’s Cave; this is a cool rock overhang that the kids had a blast climbing around.

Again, this trail is very well marked and we had zero problems finding our way to North point.




A nap on North Point


Finally, after three miles we peaked our heads out of the trees to the open rock ledge of North Point. The two views that were visible in different sections can now be seen from one place. The Panoramic photo at the top of the page is from this spot.

If you were to continue on this trail you would end up on the Blackhead Range which is an awesome set of mountains to hike.













One last note worth mentioning is the North South campground. This is a beautiful state park filled with camping, hiking, and swimming. If you can make your reservation early enough you can get some awesome lake-side tent sites. Camping is way cheaper than hotels and the memories are far better.











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