Olson Fire Lookout Tower; West Virginia

Olson Fire Tower

Location: Tucker County, West Virginia   Monongahela National Forest





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Height:136′                                      Facebook

Elevation:3735′                                My Pintrest

Condition: Sturdy                            Hikes by region

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img_5661This is the tallest, most sturdy fire tower I have ever been on. The cab was open and a sharp cold wind blew through the broken windows. The view is incredible if their is no fog (I know only from pictures). Visible from the tower is Parsons, Blackwater Canyon, Otter Creek Wilderness, Canaan Mountain, the Cheat River watershed (again from the USDA website). Beware the road to the tower is rough, I heard my Camry whispering bad words about me under its breath. It is open from April first through December 13.















Thank you West Virginia for the awesome fire tower, we had a great time. Their is a lot to see in this state, and using fire towers as a stopping point is a great way to see the eastern mountains from the road and above the trees. Check out Bickle Knob, Thorny Mountain, High Knob and Hanging Rock Observatory for more WV fire tower views.