Peter’s Mountain; Appalachian Trail hike; Cental Pa

Mileage: about 5.2 miles                                             Directions

Hike Time: about 3 hrs 45 min                                   Facebook

Rise: 1775 ft                                                                  Weather

Significance: Views, Appalachian Trail                       My Pintrest

East Coast Fire Towers

Here is some of what you need to know: Their are 4 lanes of busy road and 2 sets of RR tracks to cross between the parking lot and the trail head…Good Luck!! The mileage on the map is not as accurate as the others, I had some equipment problems.



1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

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The trail is up hill from the the start. In the beginning the only rocks are on the sides. The kids spotted a few rock scrambles up in the woods and we would travel up and do some climbing. It is about 0.5 miles of uphill hiking before it levels off. At that point you reach the intersection that the loop will return you to, we stayed right.

*Be aware just after the intersection you will come across what I believe is an old section of the Appalachian Trail. We started to follow it and realized we no longer saw trail blazes. Thankfully it did not take us long to figure out what had happened.








For a short time the trail is level and a joy to walk. Then you hit the 2nd hill climb, for this you travel up about 400 ft over 0.4 miles. The distance was not unreasonable, nor was the trail difficult, but keeping the kids motivated was not easy. It was worth the push. As we crested the top of the mountain we found a small cave and caught a view of the mighty Susquehanna.





The crest of the mountain runs for about a mile, 3/4 of it is an uphill grade. Stone covers much of the top like the spine of an animal. Their are several opportunities to look over the top of the ridge to see the valley below. The view from the top was less than spectacular, but the hike as a whole makes up for it.



The view from the top




Before the big decent we took a side trip to see the shelter, it adds about a mile to the trip. My pictures were lost along the way, but it has the typical look of an Appalachian Trail shelter. Big enough to sleep 8 or 10, large fire pit, this even has a bathroom and a spring nearby.






The trail down was fairly steep and we were tired. We finally get to the bottom of the trail and our exit was blocked by a slowww moving train. We were forced to take 5.

This was a great spring hike, March’s warmer weather had left the trail mostly snow free, and the sun shined for the whole hike. We had rocks, caves, and views of the river. A perfect trip, great trail and must do hike in the Harrisburg and central Pennsylvania area.





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