Prospect Mountain Fire Lookout tower; Weeks State Park NH

Location:  Lancaster NH                                      THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Directions 44.451026,-71.570504                                  Weather

Height: 50′                                                                       Facebook

Elevation 2059′                                                              My Pintrest

Condition: Sturdy                                                         Hikes by region





Does the name John W. Weeks ring a bell? Probably not, but you know of his work for sure. He was the driving force for the congressional legislation that gave us National Forest Land (The Weeks Act 1911). Thanks to him we have the White Mountain national forest (in the Photo’s below); other NF notables is The Allegheny PA, Green Mountain VT, Pisgah NC, and the Monongahela WV. This location is John Weeks house, donated by his family to the state of New Hampshire in 1941; the tower was already in place but 15′ was added to aid in fire detection. During operating hours you can tour the house and climb the tower, check out there website for fees and schedules.

Note*** if you are after hours the gate at the bottom of the mountain will be locked and you will have to walk about a mile and climb about 600′ in elevation to get to the top; the tower will be locked but you will still see some awesome views, Check out the Park Map to see the surrounding trails.  


Week’s House










While you can get a view from the parking lot, you really want to be there on a day when you can get into the tower, the sight is incredible. It is a short climb up a set of stairs to get to the top where the windows are. There is a full view of the presidential range in the south-east (no wonder he wanted to protect these lands), Vermont is a stones throw the west. The view to the east is Mount Waumbek, and to the left of that is Mount Cabot. South-west is a large valley with Mount Lafayette in the distance.




The carriage barn and a view of the east









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Inside the tower is a specialized Alidade Table which is used find the location of a fire; This one identifies the surrounding locations along with it’s distance.

The state of New Hampshire has done an awesome job preserving this piece of history, thank you for this. I would like to point out that if National Forest land has been preserved by legislation, then it can be un-preserved by legislation. Do not lose your mind over this but be vigilant of the going on in government.

Be sure to check out other NH towers and the ones in the surrounding states by checking out the Fire Tower web page. Have a great trip.