Rattlesnake Fire Lookout Tower; Black Moshannon State Park Pa

Location: Moshannon State Forest                          THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Directions 40.914656,-78.010000                                       Weather

Height: 80′                                                                            Facebook

Elevation: 2432′                                                                   My Pintrest

Condition: sturdy                                                              Hikes by region


Scroll out on the map to see the surrounding area. Much of the green area is protected land and state parks.  Take some time at this park and hike the 30 mile Allegheny Front Trail; here is much to see and do in PA.





The significance of the Rattlesnake fire tower is that Pennsylvania has very few towers that you are allowed to climb. While many states have taken the opportunity to use them to attract hikers, and show off their incredible forests, Pa has neglected these historic structures making many too dangerous to climb. This structure is strong and easy to access making it a great place to visit.













From above the trees you can view some of the 43,000 acers that make up the Moshannon State Forest (SF). The south-west has a cool ridge line which marks the SF boundary, and not far from the other side of the ridge is the famous State College. North-west you will see the land sink into a valley where Brenner run creek snakes through the mountains before finally ending up Black Moshannon lake.



It is always cool to climb a fire tower so take advantage of this one if you are in the neighborhood. There are many along the east coast so be sure to check out the THE FIRE TOWER PAGE.