Raymonskill Falls and Cliff Trail

Mileage: 7.6 miles for entire hike,  Raymondskill Falls only 0.6 Miles, Cliff Trail 5.6 up and back

Directions   41.290327,-74.839940

Rise: 800 Ft                                                             Facebook

Hike Time:2.5 hrs (partially running)                    Weather

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Significance: The tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, cliff views, Pond

My Printable Map                                                 Official Park Trail Map-Printable

Here is some of what you need to know: I want you to look at the map below and click on the flags, it is the best way to orient yourself. Also check out the official park map above to help you decide on the best route and parking area. Their are 3 parking areas; The one listed above I picked because I thought it was the best location to hit both waterfalls and the cliff overlooks.


A vista on the Cliff trail.

1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large


Raymondskill falls

IMG_1426First let me first tell you about Raymondskill falls since it is a stones throw from the parking lot. You only have to walk about 0.2 miles down a semi-rugged hill to get to the main part of the falls. Their are three tears to these falls and the trail provided to us by the national park will bring you to the middle and top. The middle section has a viewing platform where you can see a good portion of the 178 foot waterfall. It is a great experience especially after a big rainstorm. Steps lead you to the top where you can get a limited view looking down. Their is a great view from the bottom but no direct trail leading there. **FYI. Several times I have been here (morning and early afternoon) and the sunlight reflects heavily off of the water making it very difficult to get a picture.




The Lower tear seen from the middle











The Cliff Trail

IMG_2459 (2)

The Tri-State Vista

Across the street from the lower parking lot is the start of the Cliff Trail. The first 0.1 miles is the yellow blazed Hackers Trail. From the hackers trail you will take a 90 degree right turn onto the Cliff Trail, cross a bridge and head up hill. The blazes for the Cliff trail are white circles. You will gain about 300 feet in elevation over 0.5 miles on this wide well maintained trail. When you have reached the top of the hill most of the hard work is over and you will begin to see views. I was there on a beautiful spring morning and I could see for miles. In this picture you can see the Delaware river and the High Point NJ monument.



You have two options: one is to stay on the marked trail, this will take you to all of the main vistas (about 4), the other option is to walk along a trail right next to the cliffs giving you more frequent views as you walk, it will eventually take you back to the marked trail.

The end of this linear trail is at the Milford Knob Overlook, if you have not guessed it already the view is of the Town of Milford. click on the pictures to enlarge.





The town of Milford










Hackers Falls

It does not add much distance to your trip if you stop at Hackers falls on your way back to the car. The trail sequence from the Milford Overlook is as follows: Cliff trail to Buchanan trail (orange blaze) to Hackers Trail (yellow blaze).


Buchanan Trail Head

At about the mid-way point of the Cliff Trail is where you will find the Buchanan Trail head (Orange Blaze). On this trail you will have the option to pick up the pond loop which is a short hike around a nice pond (leading you back to Buchanan trail).

The Hacker Trail head is found on the Buchanan trail at about the midway point. The start of the trail is marked with a yellow circle, do not get confused and take an unmarked trail.















The Hacker trail is an easy hike and it does not take long to get to the falls. The waterfall is only about 8 feet high but it is a nice addition to the days hike. Their was a small area next to the falls where you can do some rock climbing.













Between the falls and the parking area their was a confusing intersection, just remember to follow the yellow blazes all the way back to your car.



With all of the different things to see on this entire trail it made for an awesome Awesome hike/trail run. The Delaware Nation Recreation area as a whole protects a 40 mile length of the Delaware river and has a ton of great hiking. Check out The Delaware Water Gap’s Mount Minsi and Mount Tammany. Buttermilk falls is the tallest waterfall in New Jersey and is right across the river from Raymonskill.


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