Rondax Fire Tower; Bald Mountain Adirondacks Hike

Total Mileage: 2 Miles                                              Directions 43.745751,-74.899351

Total rise: 440′                                                                           Facebook

Hike Time:1.5 hours                                                                 My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: The parking lot is large, but by 11 am on a Saturday their must have been about 50 cars crammed in and around it.

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My first thought after starting this hike was that this trail is perfect for my kids; they hate long hikes but they love rock scrambles. Here are the facts: 400′ gain in elevation spread out over one mile on the way to the tower. All of the rock scrambles were able to be completed by a five year old girl yet enjoyed by all of the other ages. There are a few clearings where you can stop, take a break and enjoy the view.











Rondax tower sits atop a bald rock and the cab is accessible to the public; inside access is rare in these towers, but what makes this place even more unique is the alidade table used to help identify a fires location is still in place (for picture of a rebuilt model check out the Stillwater tower). The view on the ground is of the Fulton lake chain which are named from right to left as First, Second, Third, and Fourth lakes. Our view of the distant mountains was obscured by the haze, but you could expect to see the High Peaks up north, at the end of Fourth Lake is Rocky mtn and Bear mtn (Right).



Alidade Table









Be sure to travel to nearby Stillwater Fire tower, Some weekends the cab gets opened up and a summit Stewart will be there to teach you about the tower and the surrounding mountains…very cool. It is worth mentioning that the town of Old Forge NY has a ton of activities including a water park…it is worth staying a night. East Coast Fire Tower Page


Spruce Mountain Fire Tower                       Snowy Mountain Fire Tower

Rondax (Bald Mountain) Fire Tower           Stillwater Fire Tower

Hurricane                                                      Poke O Moonshine

Vanderwhacker           Black Mountain       Belfry

Azure Fire Tower                                        Saint Regis Fire Tower

                                    Catskill Towers

Hunter and Rusk mountain                 Balsam Lake Fire Tower               

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower            Red Hill Fire tower

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower