Saint Regis Fire Tower; Adirondack Mountains

Total Mileage:  6.4 Miles                             Directions 44.432236,-74.300205

Total rise: 1581′                                                       Facebook

Hike Time: 3.5 hours                                                My Pintrest

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Significance: Fire Tower, Views                          East Coast Fire Towers

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Here is some of what you need to know: The parking area is easily accessible during the winter months.

-Check out Friends of Saint Regis.

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From the parking area follow the signs across the bridge to the trail head, it is a short walk. I was nervous that since recent snow had fallen I would be breaking out this trail, but it was well packed right to the summit. The first 2.1 miles you will gain about 450′ as you travel up and down some hills; the last mile gets tough as you gain about 1000′ of elevation. Persistence is key, but take some breaks and you will get there. The trail was all snow for me, but I am told that when that melts you have a ton of rocks to deal with (pick your poison).













Finally, the fire tower appears, and the view is unbelievable. The tower itself has recently been refurbished leaving it feeling safe and sturdy…but there is plenty of views from the ground if that is your thing. I numbered the High peaks in the picture below. 1. Whiteface and Esther, 2. Mckenzie, 3. Slide, 4. Giant and RPR, 5. Big Slide, 6. Lower Wolf Jaw and the beginning of the Great Range, 7. Gothics, 8. Basin, 9. Marcy, 10. Algonquin



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Between you and the High Peaks you will see Upper/Lower Saint Regis Lakes and Spitfire lake. Looking north from the tower you will see Debar Mountain and a few other.


Earlier in the day I did Azure mountain which had pretty much the same view, except that the peaks are closer and easier to see from Regis.



Check other fire towers in New York and the surrounding states on the East Coast Fire Towers page. Below are what I have from the Adirondacks and Catskills.

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower                       Snowy Mountain Fire Tower

Rondax (Bald Mountain) Fire Tower           Stillwater Fire Tower

Hurricane                                                      Poke O Moonshine

Vanderwhacker           Black Mountain       Belfry

Azure Fire Tower                                        Saint Regis Fire Tower


                                    Catskill Towers

Hunter and Rusk mountain                 Balsam Lake Fire Tower               

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower            Red Hill Fire tower

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower