Salt Springs State Park Hike

Length: 1.3 miles                                                              Directions

Hike time:  About an hr                                                     Facebook

Rise: 289 ft                                                                   Salt Spring website

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Significance: Old growth forest, waterfalls

Here is some of what you need to know: We always do a very short section of this trail, our goal is to play in the water on hot days. We took the blue blaze (the upper trail) then turned right onto the Fall Brook Trail, red blaze (along the stream). This is a cool hike in the winter as well.

RE the map, their are a lot of squiggly lines that the gps unit created on its own, it was being a little dramatic.




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IMG_2253 Their are trails on both sides of the creek, we crossed the bridge to get to the woodland trail (blue blazes). This starts off steep but their are plenty of footholds and roots to grab onto. This was the first dirt scramble the kids ever did, and they clawed their way up with enthusiasm. A wooden walkway carries you along the top of the hill. This is an old growth forest filled with mature healthy Hemlocks.



A boulder along the trail















The wooden trail takes you to a vista of the falls, its not a great view but still pretty cool.. From here the trail heads down hill towards the creek. The picture below shows the trail running along the side of the creek. The dry land is fun but the kids would rather walk through the water. Ahead expect to have to climb down sections of water falls. They are about 8 foot high and have a decent number of footholds.













The falls!!! We do the upper trail first because you get hot, then we cool down in the water on the way out. You can crawl behind the first falls if you have guts, but be careful on those high flow days I do not want you to drown. Usually their is a small area where the water is deep enough to do a back float. Their are about four falls total, the lower ones are higher if that makes sense. Here is a cluster of photos.




























On the way out you can see high cliffs covered with trees, vines, and moss creating that jungle ambiance. No one section of this trail is very long, including this one. We continued through the ravine until we arrived back at the bridge we crossed in the beginning.






This State Park is practically in New York making it an outpost for Pennsylvania fun seekers, and lovers of falling water. Unfortunately this is going to be a drive for most people. If you live and hike in NEPA it will not be bad, but camping is available for those who wish to stay awhile.




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