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Mileage: 3 miles for the falls                                  Directions

Hike Time:  2.5 hrs                                                  Facebook

Rise: About 400 ft on the reservoir loop, the falls trail is minimal

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Significance: Waterfalls, reservoir, and rock climbing

Here is what you need to know: Their are several attractions to see at this park. Before I get into that, this a county park and I cannot find an actual map that displays boundaries, I just went where it looked cool. You have the 7 water falls(the tubs), the reservoir, then the old railroad bed which has a cool view and some rocks to climb. The falls are right next to the parking area and easy to get to so I will not spend much time on them, but if that is all you come for then you are not wasting your time.

**I had once passed a car in the parking area that was broken into, since then they have remade and upgraded the entire parking area and added cameras. I think this will help matters, but if you do not feel safe, go with your gut.


1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large






First the stream trail.  (please zoom in on the map above) From the parking area you will cross the wooden bridge and over the falls. After the bridge turn Right and follow the blue blazes. This will take you along the creek where waters fall and cascade.  The trail along the stream is relatively easy, their are some wet spots that can be slippery at times.




The trail takes you back and forth between the stream and the woods for the first half of this three mile trail. You will then move to higher and dryer ground as the loop leads you back to the waterfalls. Be sure to follow the blue blazes past the many intersections.




It is now a great time to explore the caverns that make up the seven tubs. There are a ton of cool rocks you can scramble around on. Swimming is prohibited but try to tell that to the dozens that come out on a hot summer day. This is an awesome section of the park, the falls are all very close to the parking area and it does not take much effort to see them.














Hike number two: 

Starting from the same parking area. Instead of walking towards the wooden bridge you will walk down hill on an old abandoned road. You will walk past a barrier and over a semi-treacherous collapsed bridge. There are ways around this bridge but this is the most direct route (and it is part of the adventure). After the Bridge make a left.











What I want you to see is the reservoir, it requires bushwhacking which I hate but Zoom in on the map above, read what I am telling you and see if you feel comfortable finding it.

You will travel this road for about a mile. When the pavement turns into dirt you will take the trail downhill into the woods, it is clearly a trail but with no blazes. You will soon come to a stream bed, and this will soon lead you to the reservoir. The Dam is on the far side, so if the water is at low level then you can just walk through the lake bed otherwise you will be plowing through some brush.



Facing the Tubs from the dam, about 1.5 Mi away



To make this a loop head back the way you came until you get to the point where the hard road meets the dirt. From here you will see a road big enough for an ATV heading up hill. After about 0.2 miles you will reach the old RR bed. Here you will turn left and keep left (there are a few turns to the right that lead to I don’t know where).



The RR bed is cool for a couple of reasons:

1.Rock climbing for all skill levels, some areas are 20 feet high. views of a valley.

3.It is the quiet section of the park

The exit from the RR bed to head to the cars is about a mile from the paved road on your left. It is pictured below, you will know that you have gone too far if the trees open up and you get an awesome view




IMG_5176 (3)

The exit towards the parking lot











This is one of the best parks in NEPA and you should really take some time to explore it. I head off in a different direction whenever I am here and I find something new every time. You can make this hike as easy or as hard as you like and you will leave feeling satisfied.

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