Smith’s Knob: The Loyalsock Trail PA

Mileage:  5.9 Miles                                                                     Directions

Rise: 1253 ft                                                                              Facebook

Hike Time:  2 hrs 20 mins                                                          Weather

significance: Views, Mountain Stream

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Here is some of what you need to know: This is a small section of the almost 60 mile Loyalsock Trail.






IMG_6414 (2)


The trail to Smith Knob starts in the back of the visitor parking lot. You are traveling on the Loyalsock trail which is always well marked. The first mile is a steep climb, about 770 ft over 1 mile. It is a little rocky at times but not unreasonable. Just before that mile is up you will come to a vista and a nice place to take a break. Down below you can see a part of the 64 mile long Loyalsock Creek.




It is about a mile from the first vista to Smith’s knob. When you look at the map you will see the trail levels off before that last climb up the top making for a nice walk in the woods. The last hill climb is short and steep, nothing like the beginning of the hike. One side of the knob has a view, the other has a campsite. If you spend the night be careful of the steep edges all around.



IMG_6444Now pay attention: We are going to make this a loop, it is not hard but I do not want you confused. You will be staying on the Loyalsock trail for the next 1.4 miles. In that time you will cross over 2 un-marked trails, cross over a dirt road, then walk on the dirt road for what I estimate is about 1/4-1/5 mile. The bright easy to see LT markings will lead you off the road and take you down to a creek.

When you get to the creek make a right and head down stream following the yellow painted blazes.

IMG_6448This is the Painter Run Trail and you will stay on it for 1.6 miles. The trail takes you through a valley, along the mountain stream. The mountain walls are steep and thick canopy overhead creates a perfect environment for green moss to grow abundantly. The unique landscape made this part of the trail as cool as the beginning. Beware the stream must be crossed several times and the rocks sticking up on the path make it hard to move fast.












The trail dumps you out at a hunting cabin (it was weird),  follow the drive way until you hit the dirt road and make a right. In a little less than a mile you will be back at your car.

I took this trail during hunting season and while the hunters were nice enough not to shoot me it made the hike a little stressful. It was a great afternoon out with the dog on a unseasonably warm December. Check out our Haystacks hike on the far end of the Loyalsock Trail.


















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