Snowy Mountain Fire Lookout Tower; Adirondack Mountains

Total Mileage: 7.9                                         Directions 43.701331,-74.334800

Total rise: 2205′                                                            Facebook

Hike Time: 5 hours                                                       My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: The elevation gain and mileage makes this a challenging winter hike, be prepared like it is winter in the Adirondacks.

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The parking for this hike on route 30 is easy to find and the trail head is right across the street.*see directions above

When you look at the map above you will see the first 2.3 miles as rather tame. The total gain in elevation as you roll up and down the hills is about 800′. Several streams have to be crossed; most could be hopped and several were frozen over. Red blazes mark the path for the entire way.



Josh crossing an ice covered stream











The last 1.4 miles to the top is steep, climbing 1460′ of elevation, (my rule of thumb is 1000′ of elevation gain over one mile is tough). The center of the trail was packed most of the way, but about 0.5 mile from the top I had to switch from Micro Spikes to crampons because of how steep it was. The snow was twice as deep near the top, if you had to leave the trail for any reason snow shoes would be required (I would pack them no matter what in the winter).












***In the map options above, change the setting to “OSM Cycle”, it names all of the mountains around you.***

When you peak your head above the trees you are right in the thick of the Adirondack Mountains. The view was awesome…this stuff never gets old. To the immediate north is Burgess Mountain, NW is Panther Mountain, distant West is Wakely mountain with it’s fire tower visible. The Distant north is the impressive High Peaks with their snow cap tops. Everything was so close and so perfect, it was worth any trouble it took to get to the top.


The High Peaks










As always, be careful and be prepared in these mountains during the winter months. Dress right and have supplies to survive. We had a cell signal on top of the mountain but nothing between that and the nearby town. Check out other  East coast fire towers.


Spruce Mountain Fire Tower                       Snowy Mountain Fire Tower

Rondax (Bald Mountain) Fire Tower           Stillwater Fire Tower

Hurricane                                                      Poke O Moonshine

Vanderwhacker           Black Mountain       Belfry

Azure Fire Tower                                        Saint Regis Fire Tower

                                    Catskill Towers

Hunter and Rusk mountain                 Balsam Lake Fire Tower               

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower            Red Hill Fire tower

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower