Stillwater Fire Tower; Adirondack Mountains NY

Total Mileage: 2 Miles                                                  Directions 43.871949,-75.026729

Total rise: 545 ft                                                                         Facebook

Hike Time: 1.5 hours                                                                 My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: The trail-head is on a dirt road, I am unsure if it is maintained during the winter months.

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The trail from the parking area to the top of the mountain is only one mile, and you will gain about 550′ of elevation. The path is well marked with blue blazes and there were only a few obstacles to slow us down. It was all forest to the top until the tower came into view.





The Stillwater tower is under the care of the “Friends of Stillwater fire tower“. They have taken responsibility for the care and maintenance of this old lookout post; The result is a solid structure. On some weekends the cab is open and a “summit Stewart” is available to educate visitors on the history and geography of the area. The inside had a surprise, and that was a fully refurbished Alidade table (pictured below)- this was used to help identify the specific location of a wildfire…very cool. -Job well done Friends of Stillwater, thank you for the experience.

The view of the distant high peaks would normally be visible but the afternoon haze blocked most of that. The Stillwater Reservoir is down below (an official launch site for canoes or kayaks about 2 miles from the parking area, it looks very cool) and it is surrounded by Low level mountains and a sea of trees.


Alidade Table

















The Rondax Tower is not terribly far from here so we had hit that earlier in the day. Look below for the list of towers we have climbed on the Adirondack fire tower challenge, and do not forget to check out other east coast fire towers that we have climbed.


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