Storm King Mountain Hike; The Hudson Valley

Mileage:  2.6 Miles                                                     Directions  41.423092,-74.000999

Rise: 673 ft                                                                   Facebook

Hike Time: 3 Hrs with 3 kids                                         Weather

Significance: views, rock scrambles                             Pintrest

Printable Map

Here is some of what you need to know: Make sure you read the blaze sequence below because can be some confusing intersections.



1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large




This is one of those hikes where a portion of the fun is on the drive up there. First their is a  drive through the outer grounds of west point, then the twisting mountain roads leading up to your destination, last the view from the parking lot of this mean looking Butter Hill Mountain. (click on the picture to enhance the meanness).






The kids had a lot of fun on this trail; the rock scrambles (many of which were optional) made up for the elevation rise. Almost all of the elevation gain is in the beginning, climbing about 440 ft in the first 0.6 miles. The rest of the the 200 ft rise is dispersed over the next 2 miles…not bad at all.




Now let me describe the trail blaze sequence because it is confusing.

1.With the road at your back the trail starts to the left of the parking lot and for a short time runs parallel with the road. The blazes will be orange, (not the white blaze that is next to it)

2. At about 0.5 miles the trail will split, this is just before the summit and you will want to turn Right and go uphill. The blazes will now be Yellow and Blue. -This is important and may be easy to miss, be cautious.

3. After the summit you will come to another split where a large pile of rocks blocks your path, here you will make a Right and go up hill.

4. Shortly after the “rock pile split” you will come to another 3-way intersection all with the same yellow and blue blazes, Make a Left.

5. Last the trail will turn into White blazes which will take you to your car.


Now back to the hike:



The first summit in on Butter Hill. This is not the best view of the hike but you can see a lot. Visable is a sizeable chunk of the Catskill mountains including Sugarloaf and Indian head, A small Island on the Hudson river that holds the remains of Bannerman Castle, lastly the mountain across the river on your right is the famous Breakneck Ridge.





Their are more chances to catch partial views of the north and the river but the best vista is at the 1.5 mile mark. You can see everything you saw before but better. Bring the binoculars so you can get a good view of the castle.




Constitutional Marsh


From here you will go around a bend and you can get a birds eye view of a  favorite hike of mine Constitutional Marsh.

At about this time the blazes will turn white and you will be on your way back to the car. The last mile through the woods is nice, mostly down hill and little rocky but it is a good way to end the day.




We love hiking in the Hudson Valley. These mountains can get crowded but the views and experiences are well worth any elbow rubbing you have to do. This hike was well tolerated by the kids, their ages at the time 10,6,4 (I still have to carry the 4 year old for some of the way).

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