Table and Peekamoose Mountain, Catskill 3500

Total Mileage: 9.8 Miles                                    Directions 41.965669,-74.452447

Total rise: 2690′                                                                      Facebook

Hike Time: 6 hours                                                                 My Pintrest

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Here is some of what you need to know: Tablet is # 10 on the Catskill list of mountains above 3500′ and Peekamoose is #ll.



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From the parking area you will head up a carriage road for 1.2 miles according to the signage; eventually you will come to a split in the trail (see the picture of the sign below) where you will go RIGHT to get to Table and Peekamoose (left at the split will take you to Slide Mountain).  Very soon after the split you will cross two bridges (follow the blue blazes) and the uphill climb begins.
















The ascent to Table start at about 1.5 miles in, you will gain 1415 feet over about 2 miles. The path to the top is rocky at times but overall a nice trail, easy to follow.

All three vistas on this hike are accessed via short spur trails, none of which are marked, all of which stood out plain as day to me. The first one is at mile three; a very short trail led to a rock outcrop where we caught some cool views of the south, most prominent is Van Wyck mountain straight ahead, if you look left on the same side where you are standing you will see the top of Table. The second vista trail shoots off to the right as you reach the summit area of Table, it is not as great as the first or third in my opinion.



First vista, Van Wyck mountain on your right












The summit of Table


The summit of Table runs almost level for about 0.4 miles, it was pretty obvious that we were walking along the top of the mountain; at this elevation the Balsam and Fir trees grow shorter and are packed tight together, also a carpet of moss is on almost everything; I love it, and experiencing this is one of the main reasons I hike these mountains. A Cairne marks the summit of Table, you will see it just before you descend towards Peekamoose.













Summit of Peekamoose, it is hard to miss.

The walk between Table and Peekamoose was pleasant 0.5 miles one way, the round trip gain in elevation between the two mountains is about 300’…not bad at all. The summit of Peeka is marked by a large boulder, it stood out like a sore thumb. About 40 feet after the boulder on your left is a path to vista number three. As you stand on the rock ledge east is straight in from of you and the large body of water is Ashokan Reservoir, to the right of that is Ashokan High Point. North is all the way to your left, almost blocked by trees; starting on the left (pic below) are 2 bumps-Cornell and Wittenberg, then friday, and Balsam Cap in the middle of the pic. The more distant north is the Devils path as it travels from west to east where Overlook Mountain appears to cap it off.


Ashokan High point, looking east

Cornell and Wittenberg are the 2 bumps all the way to the left , click on pick to enlarge











CT Louis on the rocks at the first vista



This was my 100th hike posted to the website and it was a winner. I always have a good time in the Catskills and they leave me want to come back for more. Check out some other hikes below, and enjoy your trip.