Taughannock Falls Hike: Ithaca Finger Lakes

Total mileage both trails 5.9                                                Directions

Total rise about 270 ft                                                          Facebook

Hike time about 4 hrs with 3 kids                                       My Pintrest

Falls Height 215ft                                                                Hikes by region

Weather                                                                       THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Other finger lake hikes: Treman State Park, Watkins Glen

Park Website


The first thing you might notice is that the map is a mess, so here is what you need to know: There is a trail that goes up and around, also their is a 3/4 mile trail that walks straight into the falls. The Lower trail is wheel chair accessible. Their is a charge at the lower parking lot, $8 (2016) for the summer months, but their is a upper parking lot that is free and allows easy access to the upper falls. Also there is a side parking lot with a picnic area and a great vista of the lower falls. Read below…



1. Scroll the mouse over the altitude line to see where it lines up on the map

2. Click on the flags for more information

3. Click on the pictures to make them large




upper falls

upper falls


We started our hike going up the left side of the falls. It is up hill from the start, a moderate incline with steps in place for the more steep sections, then leveling off after about 1.5 miles. Unfortunately going up the left side offers few views of the falls, but has the best views of the canyons above and below the falls. At about 2.5 miles you hit the the old rail road bridge. As you cross the bridge you can look down at the upper falls which i thought were as cool as the lower.

DSCN0493The trip down is gradual with several great views of the falls. The park provides a scenic overlook area that you can drive right up to, get some great pictures, and learn the natural and native american history.






Of course the best view is from right up close. The park made an observation platform  so you can get within a couple hundred feed of the falls. Close enough to  feel the wind and mist that is created after water falls hundreds of feet and crashes into the rocks below.


Great hike, great destination, Ithaca is an awesome town with plenty to do, and of course you have the incredible finger lakes. Make the drive, we were more than satisfied.

Enjoy the trip





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