Warner Hill Fire Lookout Tower; NH

Location: Derry New Hampshire                        THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

Directions 42.885292,-71.267758                                Weather

Height: 41′                                                                     Facebook

Elevation 600′                                                               My Pintrest

Condition: Sturdy                                                       Hikes by region

I do not think I have ever been to a tower that was so easy to get to, and provided so little to see. This location is for people who are OCD about seeing every tower in New Hampshire because there is no other reason to come here.

I will still describe the location starting with the entrance. There is no sign at the entrance so I took a picture below, the road on the left is the tower road, the middle is a driveway, and the one on the right is the main road. The drive up the tower road is short and leads to a gait; you will continue to walk up the road for a very short distance and the tower will be on your left.

The stairs up the tower are open for climbing but the cab at the top is closed; even if the cab was open the trees are so over grown that there would be nothing to see. Oh well, check out the other nearby towers like Pawtuckaway or Blue Jobs, the hikes are easy.


Take the road all the way on the left, see description above

The view…