Watkins Glen Hike: The Finger Lakes

Mileage:  1.3 Miles one way                                        Directions 42.375737,-76.871606

Rise: 679 FT                                                                             Facebook

Hike Time: 1 hr one way, 3 kids                                           My Pintrest

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Significance:  Gorge, waterfalls                                     THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

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Other finger lake hikes: Treman State park, Taughannock Falls

Here is some of what you need to know: The lower gorge trail is closed between mid Nov and mid May, call (607) 535-4511 if you are near those dates. Parking is 8$ cash, no atm. Sometimes their is a shuttle running from one end to another, 5$ for adults.


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This is one of the coolest state parks we have ever been to. It is rare that you will find human craftsmanship so perfectly intertwined with natures. These trails take you into the heart of the gorge, a place where you would likely never see or experience otherwise.




The entrance is very Indiana Jones like. The trail head is a cave that leads to a stone bridge which then carries you over a violent waterfall. It is one of a kind and it would be impossible for me to stand at the door and not go through.







The walkway is made of stone, steps are used where it is steep. Between any gains in elevation their was plenty of level ground so it was not taxing. It was really a nice walk through one of natures wonders.

















Their are 19 waterfalls on this short trail and it seems around every corner is a new spectacle. Their are the high walls of the massive gorge, rock tunnels, and waterfalls that you can walk under. The kids loved it.

Their is an upper gorge trail that is open all year and camping that the state park.This central/western part of New York is known for their Finger lakes and Gorges, not far from here is Taughhannock State Park which holds the tallest single tear waterfall in the state.