A worlds End State Park; Canyon Vista Trail Hike

Mileage: 2.7 miles                                                       Directions 41.468389,-76.571730

Rise: 700 ft                                                                                      Facebook

Hike Time: 1.5 hours with 3 kids                                                  Weather

Significance: views, rock formations                                         Hikes by Region

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Here is some of what you need to know: Our goal was to hike the Canyon Vista Trail, but we were told that after the vista their was not a lot to see. So as described below after the views we hopped on the Loyalsock trail for the return to the car and cut some miles off. In place of those lost miles we intended to hike the High Rock Trail because it has a waterfall. The finale would have been the swimming at the beach in Loyalsock Creek. Unfortunately lightning and rain sent us home after just one hike.

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I would call the Canyon vista trail easy to moderate. I am used to large elevation gains over a short period which is not what you get here. The total rise in elevation for the first 1.5 miles is only about 650 feet; it is gradual with a few short spurts of more steep uphill. This is the type of hike my kids like.





img_2939The blue blazed trail takes you through a beautiful forest of Cherry, Maple and Hemlock trees which is pretty typical for a hike in Pennylvania.

At 0.5 miles you will come across an intersection where the Loyalsock trail (LT) crosses the Canyon Vista Trail. If you are going to follow the same path I did then here is where you will return on your way back. For now stay on the blue blazes until you reach the top.















The storm moving in

The park provides a viewing area where you can see Loyalsock Creek and the mountains of the Loyal Sock State forest. This vista is why people come to this park and it was a great place to take a break. This view here very much reminds of the one from Mount Gillespie at the nearby Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Opposite the vista is the Rock Garden which is a small area with several large boulders. The rocks are made up of lime, sandstone, and other composites. The Kids climbed the sides, walked through the crevasses, and explored the small caves that were among the rocks.















The Loyalsock Trail is always well marked

After leaving the vista you will see the blue blazed Canyon Vista Trail and the gold/red blazed Loyalsock trail run together briefly. As I stated above we wanted to see other areas of the park and hopping on the LT was the best way to shorten the length of this particular hike. It is about 0.8 miles from the vista to the intersection where you will see the sign you had passed earlier. Remember that here you want to get back on the blue blazed trail and head down hill toward your car.


This is a great park to visit. Remember to check out the unique swimming area while you are here, it is on the map.

If you are not familiar with Pennsylvania’s Woods you should know that this park and forest is a part of what I would call a massive central to western PA wooded area. Yes, their are towns and cities and a Big 10 College university, but over all they are surrounded by large tracts of woods and mountains. State Parks, Pa Game Lands, and National Forests are designated for people like you to escape life’s craziness and reconnect with the earth. Take the time and DEW IT!!!

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