Overlook Mountain and Fire Tower Hike; Catskill Mountains

Mileage: 4.9 Miles                                                                                       Directions

Rise:  1411 FT                                                                                              Facebook

Hike Time:  3 Hrs with 3 kids                                                                     Weather

significance:  Views, old hotel, Firetower                                   THE FIRE TOWER PAGE

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Here is some of what you need to know: Between the hotel and the firetower is a rattlesnake habitat. We did not see any and the locals said you really have to look to find them. Regardless stay in the center of the trail and keep your eyes open.


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Two thumbs up


The kids loved this hike, they left wanting more which almost never happens.

The entire trail to the firetower is an access road that is well groomed and maintained. The climb in altitude of 1400ft over 2.3 miles is perfectly reasonable when it comes to tower hiking.







At about 1.9 miles you will reach the old hotel. It appears to have been left to rot decades ago. The shell exists and their were plenty to places to walk around and explore. Being in a state of decay their is an element of danger, we were careful and left without any scrapes.

Their are two hotel building, one behind the other. The trail runs between them and from here it is only about a half mile to the top.
















At the top their are two vista points; first is the fire tower, second is the cliffs. Both are worth seeing. The box at the top of the tower was locked but you could still get a great 360 view of the big Catskill mountains. It was a WOW moment for us standing up there in what felt like 30-40 mph winds looking at these giant hills surrounding us. Is it worth walking to the cliffs after this? Absolutely… look below.


















The valley was incredible. Their was a sea of trees, hundreds of thousand of them, more than I ever saw in one place. Landmarks are the Hudson River, and Ashokan Reservoir. From the cliff view you can see a cluster of mountains on your right, somewhere in there is Panther Mountain and Giant ledge.
















Mountain outhouse



While at the top their are picnic tables and an old guard shack where you can ask volunteers questions.

We always have a great time at the Catskills. Check out the cool town of Woodstock and the Buddhist monastery across from the trail head. Check out nearby hikes, Email us your stories to everywherehiker@gmail.com and enjoy your trip.




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